First Proactive & Interactive Platform for the Trades

What's included? *

Unlimited Candidates - We source for you proactively 

Our proprietary outreach system can even search offline, 
on your behalf.


Unlimited Jobs - Post as many open jobs as you want

Post for experienced workers, or entry level apprenticeships or even post for 1099 subcontractor Bids!


Standard Vetting - All workers are screened for general appropriate level, interest & availability

Don't waste your time reviewing people that are inactive or have nothing to do with your industry.


Dynamic Profiles - Each candidate profile in crewcollar allows workers to illustrate their backgrounds using images & audio

See images of work product, training, or certificates of insurance for subs, audio of candidate providing more info, and even audio of references


Total Engagement - Reduce your hiring time in half

Text, Chat, and Video Call Interview in real time - all in crewcollar!


*Spanish toggle available. Companies must accept or reject candidates before more are delivered. Delivery amount of candidates vary, if you need a fixed amount or enterprise level volume please contact us. If you foresee needing heavy usage of the total engagement features, please contact us to avoid any possible additional fees.




we can create unlimited custom targeted timed assessments via SMS that enriches your candidate profiles and provides better insight to hire smarter!

no markup temp services

what?!  no staffing profit markups 
or inflated bill rates?! 
yes that's right!
access this service for a small flat fee and all you pay additionally is the regular payroll costs to our employment partner that takes of everything else. 
so go ahead, hire on-demand!
your welcome.

veteran hiring

direct access to current veterans that are actively seeking opportunities. great for project management, estimating and more! 

high volume

hiring for multiple positions at a time and need an extra push of candidates? 
then this is for you!

*if you need a fixed amount or enterprise level volume, please contact us.