About crewcollar

What exactly is crewcollar?
It's an easy-to-use mobile friendly hiring platform using proactive and interactive technology aimed to make recruitment of trades and field operations' workers better, faster, and smarter.
For workers there's never a fee! For companies, the fees are defined depending on the plan you've chosen. For more info on our plans contact us.
Are you a job board or a staffing agency?
No. We are a one of a kind sourcing and vetting platform for any industry that has jobs related to trades or field operations.
Are long contracts involved?
Nope. You can cancel anytime. Annual contracts come with a discount. Otherwise, it's month to month.
I have more questions.
No problem. We are happy to help. Just click the Contact Us Today button and we will reach out to you as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have.